Humane Education Ambassador Readers Program

Are you interested in animals? Here’s an opportunity to read and discuss books about the human-animal bond. Catherine Faver, a professor in the Department of Social Work at UTPA, writes:
“I am recruiting volunteers to implement the Humane Education Ambassador Readers (HEAR) program in elementary schools in our region. In K-5 classrooms, HEAR volunteers read specially selected children’s books focusing on the human-companion animal bond. Through reading and discussion, the HEAR program fosters empathy and compassion and cultivates critical thinking. HEAR is a humane literacy program, and it is keyed to state educational standards. Although the HEAR program recruits many volunteers from the general community, we also encourage teachers and counselors to implement the program in their own classrooms and schools. College of education students seeking teaching certification would make ideal volunteers for the HEAR program, and the HEAR program can provide valuable experience in facilitating classroom discussions and interaction. Much more information about the HEAR program is available at
There will be a training for the HEAR program in Edinburg on July 31 (a Saturday). If you have questions or want additional information, please call (office 381-2628 or cell 956-342-8688) or e-mail ( .”

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