Holly’s Reading Blog

By Holly

Good afternoon everyone! I’m a 6th grade teacher in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. The purpose of this blog is for teachers to share ideas, information, activities having to do with, and recommendations about novels that interest the lives of young adolescent children. Their generation is moving at a fast pace towards books online. Technology is producing devices such as the iPad and applications such as Amazon Kindle which make reading more enjoyable and very accessible. So much is out there on the internet and young people have many choices on how to spend their time – social networking sites, games, news articles and so on. The benefit of reading a novel and the satisfaction of completing a novel and reflecting on its context is what inspires this blog.

Alex Rider series – Anthony Horowitz has written eight novels and three graphic novels about a teenage spy whose name is Alex Rider. I first found out about the series from a fellow educator, and when I shared my personal copy of “Stormbreaker” with one of my 7th grade students, he confessed he read the entire book in one night. This came from a student who confessed he has never like reading and has never independently read an entire book from the beginning to the end. He went on to read all the novels in the series.

Artemis Foul series – Artemis Fowl is also a series of novels written by Eoin Colfer about a teenage boy, a criminal mastermind named Artemis Fowl II. The main character is a barbarous and extremely intelligent young (human) criminal whose main goal is the acquisition of money through a variety of often illegal schemes. The stories main setting is called the “Lower Elements” or underground where fairies and other goblin-like creatures possess large amounts of gold. Artemis’s purpose for stealing the gold is to reestablish his family’s wealth that was lost. A very interesting and entertaining read for Middle School and up.

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