Memories of Motherhood

By Rosie

During class, our group was talking about culture, working moms, and stay home moms. I heard from, my pastor about living heroes, Mothers. Why are moms heroes? They are heroes because mothers love sons and daughters unconditionally. Someone mentioned that working mothers sometimes felt guilt for not staying home for the children. I went through that when my sons were young. I tried to spend quality time with them making sure they knew that I love them individually.

My oldest son showed me how to be a mother. My fist mistakes were with him and I learned (babies do not come with a manual). He brought much joy to our lives. He was the only baby for two years. I can not imagine my life without him. He learned the alphabet and sounds from me. I used alphabet manipulatives to play closing his eyes and tracing the letter he was learning. After learning the sounds, I used Bible books with big pictures and a sentence in each page.  He read several books in that way. Sometimes he wanted the same story over and over. Once, I told him, why don’t you tell me the story instead? He did and with more details that I had not mentioned to him. I helped him to do his homework up to the third grade when he had to write sentences for vocabulary words. After that he became independent on his homework.

He encouraged me to join Facebook. He sent me emails to guide me to get to a website where he has posted family pictures on birthdays and special occasions. For a time, we used Instant Messenger also. He knows I get lost everywhere and he gave me a Tom Tom GPS to guide me drive around.  He asked me to try it even to the close places from home.

Then after two years, my second son came, both were boys but they were different. I love my second son with every cell in me too. He was the cutest baby with his hair standing up. My brother in law used to tell me his hair stood up because he was scared with me when he saw me, ha, ha! I read books about Laura Ingalls Wilder to both of them. I also read a graphic Bible for children while they looked at the pictures. My second son used to sing songs he heard in the private school. There is one song that I remember, these are just a few words from it: “Jeremiah, what do you see? I see a branch of an almond tree.” He did well in school.

My sons grew up fast. The first one left for college; he moved away. Then we spent as much time possible with our second son. We wanted those years to really count. After high school graduation he left too. When my first son left, I still had my second son home. But when he left, I started experiencing the empty nest syndrome. I missed my second son very much. We had played, talked, joked, and had fun together. My husband was gone to work and it was during summers that I did not work. I missed my son very much. I used to go to his room. I touched his pillow, hugged it, I smelled his scent and cried. It lasted for abut two months. Then it was O.K.

They had a good relationship as brothers. We met in Waco, Texas once. My second son got me a new computer and my first son gave me the software and the antivirus.  They must have agreed to surprise me. Both sons call me very often. It is like being close to them. We live many miles away from each other but we keep in touch by cell phone, emails, Facebook, and texting. We are a family.

Read the lyrics and if you like it, Control+ Click on the website to listen to the song. Then click on Listen Now


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