Every Child Can Succeed

By Melissa

What do you see when you look at your students the first week of school. Every child is at a different level, brings experiences, with them and different learning styles. There is always one or two that might be very behind, not on grade level. The attitude of the teachers, administrators, and parents make a big difference whether or not that child will succeed. Everyone must work together to help that child.

When my son began 3rd grade, he was at a 1st grade level. The first week of school we immediately all got together to figure out a plan for improvement. There we were the teachers, the principal, the counselor, and myself. I loved the principal’s attitude. She said, “There is nothing we can do about the past, we need to concentrate on what we can do now to help him. From there we all developed a plan. He went to the Reading Specialist regularly. He began going to a first grade class for phonics instruction. He attended after school tutoring and Saturday tutoring. He went to the computer lab 3-4 times a week before school. And of course my husband and I worked with him everyday after school and on weekends. Because he was so behind, he failed his benchmarks. But by April, he passed his Reading and Math TAKS test. His reading and confidence has improved greatly. He is attending Sylvan Learning Center over the summer to help him fill in all the gaps. 

I am a teacher, a parent of three, and a graduate student studying to become a Reading Specialist. I am learning to see students from every point of view. Every child has a parent hoping they will succeed. Every parent is out there right now hoping and praying that their child will get a good teacher this up coming year. And every child needs someone to believe in him/her. If you are an educator, parent, or know a child, you can be the one who helps propel them into their future and destiny.


4 thoughts on “Every Child Can Succeed

  1. Jill B. June 24, 2010 / 8:46 am

    Melissa, I think you bring up a good point for all teachers to remember – every PARENT out there is hoping that their child gets a “good” teacher. We need to really CARE about our students and work just as hard for them as if they were our own kiddos.

  2. Olga S. June 25, 2010 / 3:52 pm

    Melissa, you bring up a very good point by stating that ‘Every Child Can Succeed’. Sometimes, as teachers, we get frustrated when we see that some of our students are behind. However, we need keep in mind that not all of them have the same learning style and that each one learns at his or her own pace.

  3. Idalou June 28, 2010 / 4:05 pm

    Melissa this is what every schools needs a system of unity were every body is involved not only the teacher. Every child CAN succeed. With patience and providing the students with every resource they need they will succeed.

  4. Mary Guerra June 30, 2010 / 2:53 pm

    As teachers we need to do our best to help out each student, but sometimes we may not succeed. There have been times when I feel like a failure because that one student slipped away or I do not have the parent support I wish I had. No matter what I do my best for the following year and fix any problems I faced the year before. It is heart breaking though when at the end of the year you have all the students on the bus ready for next year and there is one who has stayed behind.

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