Facilitating Literacy in the 21st Century

by readingintheborderlands

 The introduction of new technology has changed the world drastically, but if you look into many of today’s K-12 classrooms you will see lessons, activities and room arrangements that look almost identical to what you would have seen 50 and even 100 years ago. This is a problem.

In a world of instant communication and ever-increasing ways to create and disseminate information, schools need to take a critical look at their practices. Are we preparing children for today’s reality? What about the reality of the future? New technologies aren’t eliminating the basic literacy that we’ve taught for generations, but adding to it. “Basic” literacy is now greatly expanded from what it was 100 years ago.

 The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has created a framework for 21st century learning. In this series of blog posts, I will be sharing resources and websites that might be used to implement this learning framework. Each post will be a fairly brief introduction to a different technological tool that literacy teachers can experiment with. I encourage readers to use the comments section to add their own ideas. I know there are teachers using these resources in incredible ways!


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