Facilitating Literacy in the 21st Century: Wikis

By readingintheborderlands

This is the third post in a series about 21st Century tools in the literacy classroom.

Web 2.0 and 21st century literacies are inherently social. A wiki is one way that users can come together to create and use content. Many people are familiar with wikis because of the enormous user generated Wikipedia.

 A wiki is based on software that allows for multiple authors of a webpage.  Members of the webpage can all add, delete, and revise content. There are several sites where teachers can set up a class wiki, including Wikispaces. Generally, a basic wiki is free; bells and whistles often require some level of paid membership.

The whole point of a wiki is collaboration. How can literacy teachers use this technology to promote collaboration?

  • Set up a class wiki. Each literature circle group can create their own page on the wiki. As they are reading the book they can add content about the book, following whatever guidelines you come up with.
  • Connect with other literacy teachers in your school or around the world. Use a wiki to provide space where students from different classrooms can explore literature together.

This site and this site have more information on using wikis in the classroom.

 A related series of blog posts can be found at WOW Currents throughout the month of November.


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