Class Books as a Foundation to Literature

By Jessica

Class books are important to teaching as they are a fundamental best practice in Early Childhood classrooms.  Reading to children is one of the best ways to lead them on the road to success – academically and personally.  Children should be encouraged to read on a daily basis with a buddy, with the teacher, and independently.   As children are engaged in story time, they can understand the stories teachers read and it is important to take the time to ask questions.  Reading to children is so crucial that teachers should find time to implement it every day.  Great teachers read aloud daily in the classroom to develop the love of reading and instill life- long reading habits. Class books are a critically important factor in a young child’s reading development.  Class books give the teacher opportunities to promote oral language development, reading and writing connections, ownership of literature, promotes cooperative learning, and encourages conversation and talk.   Another advantage from implementing class books is the offering of a fluent reading pace. Students will have an opportunity to read simple repetitive statements to read with ease to gain automaticity.  It is a great tool to reinforce concepts and content based instruction.  A good teacher is vital to the spirit of shared reading; therefore, this is a great tool to assist bonding and cooperation within classroom relationship building.  The main advantages of developing class books are; that it is pleasurable and interactive and it gives an array of opportunities for children to interact, develop and learn.  Promoting vocabulary development can be enhanced through class books.  Children are motivated to read and write when a rich print environment exist.  Content area vocabulary can be developed as children speak, listen, read, and write.  Having children take ownership in class books gives them the chance to communicate about a real task.  Class books also provide social opportunities, improve confidence, offer the chance to share knowledge, and gives experience for self correction and enables children to thoroughly construct meaning from the literature.


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