Reading at Home

By Melissa Morales

As I sit here thinking about reading I can’t help but think about my students and my three children. I have taught for 9 years all in elementary and have 3 children: 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade. As I look back on all my experiences so far I have come to realize how important it is to read for fun at home. Literacy and the love of books begin at home. The more children read the better readers they will be. It is so important that parents read to their children when they are little and even continue to read with them when they get older. I have noticed that all we seem to do is watch T.V. lately. Even as adults we are either working, cleaning, or watching T.V. I need to pick up a book every now and then so that my kids will see and want to pick up a book too.  Whenever I do grab a book and want to read with my child they love it. It is funny how we assume they would rather watch television then spend time with us. Specially this holiday season with all of our kids home for the holidays. How are we going to spend our days and nights? Maybe instead of watching so many Christmas movies and cartoons, maybe we could go to the library and check out some Christmas books. Maybe we could read some recipe books and make some cookies. Wow now I’m picturing us outside at night with a blanket on the grass. We could have cookies, hot chocolate, a flashlight, and some books. I bet the kids would love that and it would make an awesome memory. It is just a thought from a mom of three and a teacher who needs to start reading for fun again.


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