Book Review: “New Visions for Linking Literature and Mathematics” By David J. Whitin & Phyllis Whitin

By Yazmin Garcia

 An  out of the ordinary book has listed the necessary strategies on linking literature and mathematics in the learning process. This book is designed to offer teachers new forms to develop mathematics learning in reading children’s literature.  One of the essential components that teachers can use from this book is the annotated bibliography of math related literacy books. Throughout each chapter, the authors introduced math literacy fiction and nonfiction books with real classroom stories on how teachers have incorporated them in their classroom and the responses from students.   The authors have structured the presentation of this book designed based on the mutual initiative from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The authors provide an explanation of the role of written and oral literacy held develop mathematical understanding.

The book is organized with a chapter that lists ways in which teachers can develop the same reading strategies used in Language Arts such as using book sets and developing units with  children literacy books in a  mathematic lesson that will meet the NCTM standards ; which changes the way to see  mathematics to a more inviting learning environment.

One chapter is focused on develop children’s mathematical comprehension by posing questions. The text analyzes specific parts of children’s literacy books and shows possible questions that teachers can post to develop a connection between the story and the math concept and to develop analysis in depth using the math concept. In this form, students are introduced to whole class discussion, they analyze the mathematical problems in the literacy piece by providing the opportunity to think about the problem, change the story of the problem, or develop a new problem, ask questions that will develop learning.  These strategies are designated to discover some of the students’ spontaneous observations and understanding of text.


D. J. Whitin & P. Whitin. 1947. New Visions for Linking Literature and Mathematics. NCTE.


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