The Chill of Winter in the Borderlands

By readingintheborderlands

Winter in the Rio Grande Valley means cheap citrus, swarms of Winter Texans and most importantly, sunny, warm days. We’ve been having a very warm winter, but after a couple of days of temperatures in the mid-80s a cold front has moved in. It’s lovely.

Yes, ok, people in the north are in the midst of blizzards and ice and snow drifts, but for us a day in the 50s is severe enough. And we do have our own snow story to tell!  

On Christmas Eve 2004, South Texas experienced a once-in-a-lifetime snowfall. This event has been immortalized in More Snow: The True Story of the South Texas Christmas Miracle, written by Clark L. Childers. The unusual illustrations by William Wilhelmi are done in clay, with photographs taken by Valley residents inserted into each page.

In a few days it will probably be back into the 70s and 80s, but this picture book will help you stay cool!


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