Beyond a Master’s Degree–Local Doctoral Program in Literacy

By readingintheborderlands

Literacy teachers in the Rio Grande Valley who want to get a doctoral degree in education don’t have too many options. The University of Texas-Pan American has an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, but no other doctoral programs in education. The University of Texas-Brownsville has an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, but until now, that degree has focused on bilingual education.

That’s changing, at least at UTB. They are expanding the specializations available in their doctoral program to include literacy. UTB is currently recruiting students to begin this program in Fall 2011. For more information, contact Dr. Bobbette M. Morgan, the Director of the Office of Graduate Programs at the UTB College of Education.

Contact information:

Website for Doctoral
Phone: (956) 882-5769
Fax: (956) 882-7733

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