Reading and Writing Quarterly: Overcoming Learning Difficulties

Literacy teachers need to stay informed about teaching practices and research. This semester students in READ 6325 are exploring scholarly journals that are in some way related to literacy. Each student was required to write a blog post about one such journal. I will be publishing one or two of their posts each week.

By Mandy Thomas

 Reading and Writing Quarterly: Overcoming Learning Difficulties is a professional journal published by Routledge. It was previously published as the Journal of Reading, Writing, and Learning Disabilities International until 1992. There are four issues of this journal published each year. This journal consists of a variety of useful articles. In my opinion, this journal is aimed more for teachers and educational professionals. It would be difficult for a parent to read unless they are in the teaching profession. Most of the articles included in this journal would not be something useful for parents.

Reading and Writing Quarterly provides ideas to educate a mainstreamed group for literacy. Articles found in this journal provide critical information to help improve reading and writing in regular, as well as special education students. Most articles address the causes, prevention, evaluation, and remediation of difficulties with reading and writing in classrooms. Some possible topics for this journal may include adjustments for language-learning style, literature-based reading programs, teaching reading and writing in the mainstream, study strategies, language-centered computer curricula, oral language connections to literacy, cooperative learning approaches to reading and writing, direct instruction, curriculum-based assessment, the impact of environmental factors on instructional effectiveness, and the improvement of self-esteem.

Because of these specific topics, I feel that this journal is aimed for teachers and educational professionals looking for research or ideas in these topics. Teachers could read some of these articles and get an insight as to some new strategies or new ideas to use in the classroom. Professors may read some articles included I this journal and get an insight as to what is new and expose their current students to these topics. This journal would also provide students or professors conducting research with valuable information in reading and writing for students.

Most of the articles in this journal are rather dense. Articles include very useful information but it would be difficult for a parent to read. I feel it is more for a teacher looking for new ideas and information or an educational professional looking for research based articles. I have used some articles from this journal in research papers that I have completed. The articles do provide much useful information. Articles are peer-reviewed and most articles provide statistical information that can help the reader evaluate the research.

In the latest issue of Reading and Writing Quarterly, the article The Responsive Classroom Approach and Its Implications for Improving Reading and Writing, written by Erin M. McTigue and Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman, was interesting. I had never heard about the responsive approach (RA). This approach is a social and emotional learning intervention designed to produce classroom environments that are conducive to learning. The article was very detailed and a little difficult to read. It discussed the study that was conducted which I think was information for someone doing research on interventions in the classroom. But as mentioned before, this journal is more for the educational professional world. Issues contain good research articles that could be helpful to those who may need them.


One thought on “Reading and Writing Quarterly: Overcoming Learning Difficulties

  1. swati July 29, 2011 / 11:13 am

    I would like to know the impact factor for this journal.

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