The Reading Teacher

Literacy teachers need to stay informed about teaching practices and research. This semester students in READ 6325 are exploring scholarly journals that are in some way related to literacy. Each student was required to write a blog post about one such journal. I will be publishing one or two of their posts each week.

By Idalou

The journals of The Reading Teacher are published by a nonprofit global network named International Reading Association (IRA) which dedicates their time and efforts to worldwide literacy. IRA sponsors and publishes many other journals such as the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy and Reading Research Quarterly. The Reading Teacher journals are designed for institutions or individuals who work with students from age 12 and younger. The Reading Teacher is published online and in print eight times a year. It is printed monthly from September to May, but the months of December/January are combined. Any individual who is interested in purchasing an article from the journal can do so by accessing it on the IRA website with a cost of $8.95 and $6.95 for IRA affiliates. In addition, if there is anyone who is interested in becoming an IRA member they can do so by subscribing online. There is a membership fee ranging from $39.00 to $24.00.

The content in this journal mainly targets reading and is made up of many articles. It gives a lot of ideas and strategies that can be used with students. It mentions that it puts research into practice. The journals are written by educators for educators. Since these journals are based on research it is intended for individuals who want to improve students’ reading abilities. The Reading Teacher focuses on phonics, comprehension strategies, reading fluency and so much more. These journals are also intended to provide the necessary strategies needed to meet every learners needs.

I really enjoyed this journal. The Reading Teacher provides so many ideas that educators can read about. I read some articles on struggling readers, classroom support and instruction, and phonemic awareness. The articles that I read were so easy to read and understand. Since these articles are written by educators, they use the appropriate language to reach their audiences. I felt that this journal portrays realistic classroom situations. I have read some articles in which all the studies pertain to a perfect classroom. We know that it is not true. All of the students are different and I feel that The Reading Teacher tries to provide as much information needed to provide the appropriate support for every student. If you are looking for an article on comprehension, The Reading Teacher can provide you with a good article and good strategies. The format of the article is very organized. I don’t know about you all, but when I read I like to be able to see the words clearly. This journal provides a good size font that helps you read with ease. The Reading Teacher is a very good journal for teachers, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Teachers can use these articles for strategies that can help them maximize their classroom instruction. Undergraduate and graduate students can really use this journal for a very good source. They are very helpful in providing information on reading instruction and practice. I would recommend this journal to teachers. There are times that we are stuck and don’t know what to do so this journal can give you some insight on what can be done. You can access The Reading Teacher through this website


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