Journal of Children’s Literature

Literacy teachers need to stay informed about teaching practices and research. This semester students in READ 6325 are exploring scholarly journals that are in some way related to literacy. Each student was required to write a blog post about one such journal. I will be publishing one or two of their posts each week.

By: Mary Guerra

The Journal of Children’s Literature is published by the Children’s Literature Assembly (CLA) which is made up of professionals who study or are interested in children’s literature.  The Children’s Literature Assembly is an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English.  The CLA is open and welcomes all ideas and research having to do with children’s literature.

 The Journal of Children’s Literature is published twice a year.  The articles in this journal are of research updates, authors and/or illustrators of children’s literature, and reviews of children’s books and professional books.  This journal targets teachers, librarians, and scholars who are interested in children’s literature.

 The Journal of Children’s Literature is dedicated to provide a way for teachers to exchange ideas and information in there interest of children’s literature to be able to use with their students.  The journal also provides the newest research and strategies used in classrooms to promote children’s literature.

 On the CLA website it has a sub-heading on Classroom Resources.  When I first saw this heading I was real excited because I thought I would find information on new activities, strategies, etc. used with children’s literature.  To my surprise this part of the website was some what blank.  I think they are still working on it or completely forgot about this section.  Hopefully they keep working on this part of the website because it would be interesting to see what kind of helpful information is added to this part.

 The next issue will be published fall 2011.  This article will include the topic of visual storytelling.  Teachers, students, and researchers are encouraged to submit articles that focus on instruction, theory, or research in the filed of children’s literature.  If the article is picked, it will be published in the fall issue.  Anyone who is interested needs to submit articles by February 01, 2011.  Those who do not meet the deadline can meet the spring 2012 issue.  The articles published in this journal will be open themed which can be anything about children’s literature.  The deadline to submit articles for the spring issue is on September 01, 2001.

 I think this is a good website and academic journal, but it does need some improvements.  There are only four journals available on the website and they have very useful information.  Some of the journals available contain reviews on children’s literature that teacher’s or student’s can read before starting to read.  If this website would have more journals available and would publish more often, there would be more people visiting this website.  I would recommend this journal to other teachers and graduate student; but it would be a journal they would keep in there back of their heads and may not even remember if they do not see or visit often.  The CLA should try to publish at least every two to three months instead of twice a year.  They have very good topics that teachers and graduate students will benefit from.  I even think that if there were more journals published; people would want to be part of the CLA membership to receive these journals and other benefits they offer.  I really liked this journal I just wanted to keep reading more information, but it did not have much.  The journals they have available consist of topics such as graphic novels, respected authors, and book reviews.  The website for this journal is fairly simple and easy to navigate.  It has the entire subheading on the left side and when clicked it goes on to the stated information.  Some of the pages have links on the bottom of the page that have additional information. 

 Visit the link and let me know what you think of the Journal of Children’s Literature.


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