Author Reading: Rene Saldana

By readingintheborderlands

Local author Rene Saldaña will be doing a reading from his latest novel A Good Long Way at the Peñitas Public Library on Tuesday, March 29 at 5:00pm. The library is at 1111 Main Street in Peñitas. Call (956) 583-5656 for more information about the reading.

A Good Long Way is a young adult novel set in the Rio Grande Valley. An excerpt from the School Library Journal describes it:  “Beto López is a high school senior who thinks that family rules no longer apply to him. Roelito, an A student, wants to be like his “cool” older brother, yet Beto’s bad habits of staying out late, skipping class, and making poor grades concern him. After a late-night confrontation with their father, Beto runs away from home. His first thought is to turn to Jessy, his best friend, for help and guidance. She wants out of her deplorable home life, too, but also wants to go to college and knows that being alone in the world and without plans is never the answer. This fast-paced novel will make readers think about their own lives and responsibilities.”

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