Literacy Research Association (LRA)

There are many professional organizations that can help literacy experts stay  involved in the profession beyond their classroom or school assignment. Students in the spring semester of READ 6325 explored various professional organizations and are sharing what they learned through this blog series.

By Idalou

A brief history of The Literacy Research Association dates back to 1950 with Oscar S. Causey. During this time universities noticed that students were having difficulties with college reading and studying skills. Causey recognized that college professors wanted to help these students. Causey surveyed postsecondary institutions to learn about their reading programs. He however noticed the big interest there was in learning more about the development of college reading and study skills programs. In 1952 Causey and TCU organized a conference called Southwest Reading Conference for Colleges and Universities (SRC) it focused on developing a reading program for college students.  In 1958 the leaders changed the name to National Reading conference (NRC) and in 2010 the name was changed again to Literacy Research Association.   

The Literacy Research Association is an organization supported by scholars whose main focus is to improve and promote knowledge, understanding, and develop a lifetime of literacy research in a multicultural and multilingual world.  During an LRA research investigation their main intention is to provide the literacy world with accurate research studies.  The Literacy Research Association investigation is very intense and researched very broadly to make theory or practices valid in literacy.  LRA supports future scholars in mentoring them for further literacy research.

The Literacy Research Association keeps up to date in the literacy world that is why they held a conference once a year. In this conference they provide guest speakers, group sessions, peer reviewed synopsis, and paper sessions. They also provide current information about the new theories and practices in the literacy world. This year’s conference will be held on November 30 – December 3 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida. The 2012 conference will be held on November 28- December 1 in San Diego, California. It is always offered during the first week of December. The Literacy Research Association publishes a journal which is called Journal of Literacy Research. Their publishing company is Taylor & Francis Publishers. LRA also publishes a newsletter twice a year which it is delivered electronically to all active members. It gives information about current and future activities, board of directors, and its committees and headquarters. The Literacy Research Association has received various awards such as the Albert J. Kingston Award, Student Outstanding Research Award, and the Distinguished Scholar Lifetime Achievement Award.  These were just to name a few of their accomplishments.

How to do we join LRA?  There are four types of memberships. The higher priced one is the regular member which contains a subscription to the Journal of Literacy Research, LRA newsletter, LRA yearbook, and LRA listserv for one year and a discount rate if wish to attend an LRA conference. The cost is $110.00 a year.  The least expensive is for students which includes the same as a regular member for the cost of $40 a year. For those who are interested in joining you may login in to the website and look at what type of membership would best suite you and apply online. The website is


2 thoughts on “Literacy Research Association (LRA)

  1. Sirpa Grierson July 1, 2011 / 2:39 pm

    Thanks for this excellent update. It was informative to find out more about the history of LRA and your blog explained that the conference registration was included in membership–something that the LRA website didn’t make clear. I have presented at NRA and CRA before but as an English department faculty member really wasn’t sure how the name changes had taken place.

    Excellent blog, by the way!

  2. readingintheborderlands July 1, 2011 / 5:25 pm


    One clarification…conference registration isn’t included in the membership fee. However, if you’re a member you get a discounted conference registration. I believe it’s a fairly significant discount.

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