American Educational Research Association (AERA)

There are many professional organizations that can help literacy experts stay involved in the profession beyond their classroom or school assignment. Students in the spring semester of READ 6325 explored various professional organizations and are sharing what they learned through this blog series. 

By Audrey Nuques

Mission: This organization is dedicated to advancing knowledge about education and scholarly inquiry about education. It is also dedicated to promoting the use of research in order to improve education and to serve the public good. 

Address: American Educational Research Association
                      1430 K Street, NW, Suite 1200
                      Washington, DC 20005


Membership Fees:  $40 for graduate students, $150 for Academic Scholars

About: Founded in 1916 the organization is concerned with improving the educational process through encouragement in scholarly inquiry. AERA is considered the most prominent international professional organization. Its primary goal is to advance educational research and its practical application in education. The organization has more than 25,000 members that include educators, researchers, state and local agencies, counselors, evaluators that work at state and federal levels, graduate students, and behavioral scientists. The AERA also represents a broad range of disciplines which include education, statistics, sociology, economics, philosophy, psychology, political science and anthropology. AERA is governed by a legislative and policy-making body that is called the Council. It is compromised of elected members and consists of the President, the President-Elect, the Immediate Past-President, two Members-at-large, Vice-Presidents of each of the 12 Divisions, Chair of the SIG Executive Committee, and Chair of the Graduate Student Council.

Membership: ERA membership provides its members in the field of education research with access to the latest developments and the top researchers in the field. In addition, AERA provides members with the opportunity to make a difference in education. Through obtaining a membership, which lasts for up to one year, members are allowed to access all AERA educational journals online as well as any educational handbooks and research books, networking opportunities through any of the 12 Divisions and through Special Interest Groups, access to the AERA online paper repository, which houses unpublished research papers, and employment opportunities in education. Some of the research journals that members can have access to are: the American Educational Research Journal, the Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, Review of Research in Education, and the Educational Researcher, just to name a few. Also available to members are subscriptions to any of the above journals for one year of membership. Also available for members is AERA-sponsored Group Insurance which includes hospitalization benefits, life insurance and professional liability.

Focus: This association is great for anyone interested in reviewing research in education and also to keep up to date on current events happening in education.

Conferences: Conferences are held every year in a different location so that the associations many members have the opportunity to attend at least one conference near their area. An interesting detail is that every conference that is held offers to all its members and lecturers, childcare by a licensed and insured childcare specialist. This service is provided so that every member has the chance to attend the lectures and presentations. This is a wonderful service to provide at any conference.

2011 Annual Meeting – New Orleans, Louisiana
Friday, April 8 – Tuesday, April 12, 2011

“Inciting the Social Imagination: Education Research for the Public Good”

Intent: This year’s conference is intended to encourage submissions that address the conceptual, methodological, policy, and pragmatic challenges and opportunities in the promise of educational research. Speakers attending will attempt to stimulate a new dialogue about the contributions that education research can make to the public.      

Some 13,000 educational researchers are expected to attend, and 1,800 scholarly papers, posters, and roundtables are to be presented.

Links to other Research Associations:


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