Council of Exceptional Children

There are many professional organizations that can help literacy experts stay involved in the profession beyond their classroom or school assignment. Students in the spring semester of READ 6325 explored various professional organizations and are sharing what they learned through this blog series. 

Mary Guerra 

The Council of Exceptional Children, also known as CEC, is a professional organization that helps children with disabilities, gifts, and/or talents to be successful in their education.  This organization advocates for students, provides professional training and educational material to professionals to teach these students.  This organization is mainly for teachers, administrators, students, parents, paraprofessionals, and related support service providers.  The Council of Exception Children publishes journals and newsletters on information about new research, classroom practices, federal legislation and policies.  This professional organization provides conferences and trainings for professionals that work with children with disabilities, and/or gifts, and talents.

The Council of Exceptional Children has a chapter and divisions in every state.  You can join this organization and/or your local division through the website or 1-888-232-7733.  There is a fee to be part of this organization, each state has a different fee and it also depends if you are a student, professional, retired, or you want the premier access to the organization and website.  If you live inTexas, the dues for a professional are $124 or $202 for a premium account.  Once you sign up to become a member you can also pick additional benefits to your account or keep it basic.  With the membership, you have minute to minute updates on new findings, conferences, journals, and benefits CEC provides through sponsors and partnerships.

On the website it also has an online store where you can buy books about strategies for teaching exceptional children, lesson plans, etc.  Some prices on merchandise may vary if you are a member or non-member.  Interesting information found in this website, is the awards and scholarships they give out to children with disabilities, and/or gifts, talents, and awards given to special education professionals. With each scholarship and award an online nomination form and/or application need to be filled out.  They even provide tips for filling out the nomination or application form.  Along the same area, you will find sponsors and donors of CEC organization.  There are a number of individuals that donate to this professional organization and you can find their names on the website under CEC Sponsors & Donors.  There is also a link to where anyone can donate.  When donating you can specify which award and/or scholarship you would like the money to go to.  Any amount donated is accepted.  There are also jobs available in CEC.  The job openings are posted along with the description of the job and qualifications.

The Council of Exceptional Children provides a lot of professional development and/or conferences for educators and parents who want to know more about ways to help exceptional children.  CEC provides webinars which can benefit many individuals who have a busy schedule and an internet interaction or seminar would be rather easier for them.

This website is full of information and is updated everyday.  It is full of information on how to help students with disabilities, and/or gifts, talents, scholarship, awards, conferences, journals, etc.  You need to have time to browse this page to be able to see all the information provided.  The website is user friendly and it has a video in most pages.


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