Rainy Days in the Rio Grande Valley

By Readingintheborderlands

I recently returned to the Valley after a week visiting my mother in Indiana. It rained at least once every day of  my visit. While many people would be disappointed at the bad weather, as a resident of drought-stricken Texas (and a former resident of drought-stricken Arizona and drought-stricken New Mexico) I loved every minute. Now, as Tropical Storm Arlene dissipates over Mexico and effects weather patterns, the Rio Grande Valley is getting several days of much needed rain. Yay!

Here’s a few rainy day books for these wet, gray days:

In Monsoon Afternoon by Kashmira Sheth a young Indian boy and his grandfather enjoy an afternoon monsoon.





Another grandfather and his grandson watch a storm from their front porch after the electricity went off at their house in Storm in the Night by Mary Stolz.



Too much rain, of course, can cause flooding, a perennial problem in the low-lying Rio Grande Valley. In Flood by Mary Calhoun, Sarajean and her family evacuate their house when the Mississippi River overflows its banks.



Seymour Simon has a great nonfiction book explaining the formation of different kinds of storms. It is appropriately named Storms.


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