Time for School!

By Readingintheborderlands

Teachers across the Rio Grande Valley are headed back to school. Here are some teacher and school related children’s books to start off your year:

For beginning readers School by Emily Arnold McCully offers a wordless story about a small child who eagerly sneaks into school to join her siblings there.




First Year Letters by Julie Danneberg uses a letter format to tell the story of the tribulations and successes of a brand new teacher and her young students.




Two poetry books for intermediate readers focus on school experiences. Don’t Read this Book, Whatever You Do! by Kalli Dakos contains fun poetry from a variety of perspectives. The D- Poems of Jeremy Bloom: A Collection of Poems About School, Homework, and Life (Sort Of) by Gordon Korman shares the assignments of the fictional Jeremy Bloom, a reluctant poet and expert mistake-maker.



Older readers will enjoy the funny historical fiction novel, The Teacher’s Funeral by Richard Peck. When the local teacher dies and the one-room school is threatened with closure, a 15 year old is horrified when his older sister volunteers to take over the class.


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