Celebrate the Holidays with Clifford

By S. Duran, UTPA

This post was written by a student in READ 6310 Children’s and Adolescent Literature.

Revisit Clifford as a puppy as he tries to help Emily Elizabeth make Valentines Day cards for mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa. Clifford’s helpfulness ends up getting him in a sticky mess. Tag along with Clifford and Emily Elizabeth as they make a trip to the post office to mail their valentines and Clifford encounters a little adventure in the mailroom.




Enjoy the best thing about spring, Easter! Join Emily Elizabeth as she dreams about the excitement about coloring Easter eggs with Emily Elizabeth and the helpful Clifford. Enlighten yourself to see Clifford in all sorts of colors and patters on his body, then join everyone as they gather together to look for the Easter eggs, as they look in all sorts of places.



Being the smallest of the litter, Emily Elizabeth chooses Clifford to be her pet. On Mothers Day Emily Elizabeth, accompanied by her father and Clifford, goes to buy a special gift for her mother. Meanwhile Clifford’s attention is drawn to a ribbon on a box of chocolates. Clifford’s pulling on the ribbon causes all the chocolates to fall. As they continue shopping, Clifford’s has a reaction to the flowers causing them to buy sneezed flowers. In their last stop, Clifford’s leaves his paw prints all Emily Elizabeth’s sweater, making it the perfect gift for Clifford’s mother.

Enjoy Emily Elizabeth and Clifford’s favorite day of the year and see the adventures during the other holidays. Enlighten yourself to see the different costumes Clifford wanted  for last year’s Halloween party such as devil, clown, and witch and ended up being a ghost. At the end of the story use your imagination to help Emily Elizabeth pick a Halloween costume for Clifford this year.


The Thanksgiving season is a time to spend with family and friends. After Emily Elizabeth leaves on her family vacation, Clifford decides to visit his mother in the city. Follow Clifford as he journeys through the city encountering an array of different types of obstacles, like getting stuck in a traffic jam and trying to get through a Thanksgiving Day parade. Read how all ends well as Clifford finds his mother and enjoy a nice thanksgiving dinner. 

Revisit Clifford’s first Christmas, as Clifford tries to hang an ornament and ends up at the top of the Christmas tree. During the night the anxious little pup wakes up to explore, when suddenly he gets a big surprise by a man who was coming down the chimney, wearing a red suit. Feel the excitement Christmas morning as they open up all the gifts from under the tree.


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