By Readingintheborderlands

This semester in READ 6310 my students are exploring how identities are represented in children’s and young adult literature. I wish I’d had this book when we started our work together! The Other Latin@: Writing Against a Singular Identity is a collection of essays that looks at the diversity within a group that is often homogenized.


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  1. Robin December 6, 2011 / 5:38 pm

    I am a phd student at Utah State University and am working on a dissertation using Borderlands Theory and Young Adult Literature. I would very much like to see your syllabus for READ 6310, if you wouldn’t mind sharing. I am also teaching a multicultural education course in the Spring where I am using several YAL texts along with Sonia Nieto’s Multicultural text and am now very interested in this new book you posted about – Thanks!

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