Let’s Do It Together

By Joe, Aaron, and Joann

This post is written by students in READ 4351 Learning through Literacy. Students in this course are part of the high school and all-level teacher preparation programs and are pursuing certification in a wide variety of subject areas.

Learning various techniques must be implemented it and adapted it into physical education teachings and revising lesson plans to include different skills are beneficial to adapted students. Adapted students are those who need assistance and who are unable to participate productively in regular physical education. There are many ways for instructors to help educate adapted students so that they are able to exceed and continue to participate in various sports, exercises, and  different activities so that they are able to adapt it into their everyday lives.

There are many ways to help students no matter how much services are needed and through student developments, seminars, and other trainings, teachers are able to improve their teachings. Students learn by what they see, hear, and understand, and to ensure that they understand the different types of methods is to develop the individual’s abilities to communicate, participate, and learn from others through physical interaction in groups. In order for instructional methods to be used, teachers need to think about the learning goals and the student’s knowledge of how they can learn. The teacher must also take into consideration that many adapted students learn in different ways so the instructor should have adapted students integrate with non-adapted students in various activities in order to improve various skills and for this to happen the instructor must apply various techniques into their lesson plans.

The instructor can use other resources when making out lesson plans, the instructor can also view another instructor’s lesson plan and use it as a guide or even going online can be beneficial. Lesson plans must meet the student’s need to ensure they are capable of understanding the importance of being physically fit and through participation they can meet and exceed their own limitations. Upon completion of every skill and activity, the teacher must integrate various questioning, modeling, collaboration and effective demonstration techniques into their classroom before and after class.

The enthusiasm for learning and being physically active improves adapted students’ lives when interacting with other students and with this adapted students can easily integrate various activities into their everyday life and  it takes motivation and inspiration from everyone to help and guide adapted students so that they can become active in exercises and sports. Physical Educators need to  teach adapted students to strive for one thing and that is to become physically fit through sports and exercise and in order for this to happen, non-adapted students need to collaborate with adapted students and participate in physical activities.

There are many issues regarding adapted students and their limitations and everyone needs to be well informed on how to assist adapted students by “continuing the cycle” and participate in various activities with adapted people when needed and those people who lack the knowledge can inform themselves by reading brochures, pamphlets, books, or just watching videos can help in educating one’s self.  The public also needs to know how to improve not only their lives physically through a range of various activities, sports and exercises but they also need to know what they can do to help those who already know and those who need to know.


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