Valuable Books for the Dancer

By Karla

This post is written by a student in READ 4351 Learning through Literacy. Students in this course are part of the high school and all-level teacher preparation programs and are pursuing certification in a wide variety of subject areas.

Many people can assume that a dance profession involves little to no reading. However, being that this is my field of study I can assure that reading is very much required to succeed in that dance world for a good number of years. Two books come to mind that would be a great value to any dancer. One would be Dance Kinesiology; this book will be a life saver. All the things that one would learn in an Anatomy class are applied in this book with references to how this works for a dancer. Everyone’s body is different and this is the reasons why some people are more turned out, flexible, and many more other things that people that are not dancers don’t take under consideration. This book explains those very factors and helps you grow as a dancer being that you will know your body and what its limits are as well as strengths.

The second book that I consider a most have for a dancer’s library is Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet. This book breaks down the steps in order to execute the movement properly, as well as explaining the muscles that go into it, the style that it is, and the origin. Well educated dancers would need to study and know what style of ballet they will be dancing, because it varies with every instructor. Many dancers in my opinion don’t just dance just to dance but because something about it interests them. So a great book to read to learn the history of dance is Dancing Through History, it tells how dance came to be what it is today with all the many different dance styles of ballet, jazz, tap, modern, lyrical and so many more.


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