Literacy Through Entertainment

By Joel

This post is written by a student in READ 4351 Learning through Literacy. Students in this course are part of the high school and all-level teacher preparation programs and are pursuing certification in a wide variety of subject areas.

Literacy through entertainment is a new phenomenon that is having a major positive impact in today’s adolescent society.  With today’s fast growing technology, literacy is being seen, heard, and read across all different types of media.  These different types of media include the internet, television, radio, and social magazines. 

Today’s teachers have to incorporate a new way of teaching to today’s adolescents with the help of technology that is influencing our adolescents.  Social websites such as facebook, and twitter keep all of society up to date with what a individual is thinking and doing at that exact moment of the day.  This technological advancement can be used to help students stay on track with what assignments are due and who has the next chapter in the group work that is due tomorrow.  Social clubs such as the science, math, art, etc., can also keep track of important dates and rely information to other members that might not be there in person. 

The technological advancement of computers probably has had the most impact in helping today’s adolescent practice better literacy skills.  Spell checker which is on almost every single computer and lab top has helped countless amounts of people spell the correct word they are trying to type.  Some might see this as a step back on helping people practice better literacy skills, but I see it as a positive step forward in helping students see the errors that they make and then showing them the correct way to spell it.  This not only helps prevent spelling errors in the future, but also gives students a broader landscape of how they are improving their literacy skills. 

Since adolescents are strongly influenced by the entertainment culture that surrounds them it is a good idea to incorporate several out of school materials that discuss the content subject you are teaching.  Doing this will further spark interest in your students and give them a initiative of working on out of school research.  This will also keep them from getting bored to death of the same school work they have to endure throughout all their academic years.  Entertainment certainly does have it’s value in today’s school agenda.  Since I am going to be a music teacher, I am looking forward to incorporate and practice literacy through entertainment.  I will make sure all of my students are fully aware of how music can influence society and spark change for the better.


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