Technology Moves Literacy

By Alvarez

This post is written by a student in READ 4351 Learning through Literacy. Students in this course are part of the high school and all-level teacher preparation programs and are pursuing certification in a wide variety of subject areas.

After spending some quality time with one of my cousins, I have come to a conclusion that the modern day teen, or adults, have now morphed into the modern day technology. My cousin wishes to remain anonymous; we shall call her Mary to respect her privacy. Mary spends most of her time on her cell phone, like most of us nowadays do. There I found that she spends time on text-messaging with family and friends, social networking, gaming, homework on the computer, or even just watching her favorite television shows. She used technology to share her opinions, read literary pieces, and watch literary-inspired film. I grew up with less technology and seeing all this makes me realize that time changes. Even if they are not outside getting their knees scraped, jumping puddles, or climbing trees, they have a bigger advantage by using literacy found by using technology. I saw Mary text with her friends and she could hold up to five conversations at a time. She read an average of one sentence and at time she received forward messages that were very lengthy. She read all of them and answered back with proper grammar; I cannot say the same about her friends because they would cut words or used some sort of slang to text. In her text messages, she also received messages from Facebook, so she would continually sign in to Facebook and check her messages or comments.

When Mary sat down to watch TV, we saw a lot of literacy too. Commercials take advantage of viewers to promote their products, many advertised by calling others by mailing, but both required some sort of reading. Mary is surrounded by technology and has to adapt to the new technology that is coming out. Mary’s little brother plays video games and we took a peek at one of his games, Call of Duty Black Ops. He was playing online so he communicated with people all over the world. His game had literacy too, because he had to follow what the screen said and focus on missions.

We can say that technology has reached everyone and now it is up to us to receive it with arms wide open so that we can become literate by using technology and not just reading newspapers or articles. We now have a choice on what we read, all thanks to technology. Having technology around is not a bad thing; people nowadays are hooked on the new era and rely on it. Technology has now come into our lives and is here to stay. We should learn how to adapt to it because it promotes a lot of literacy for everyone, even if it comes from a text message or even a TV commercial, it has the power to make us literate just as an English teacher would.


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