Power to Children’s Literature

D. Dena, UTPA

This post was contributed by a student in READ 6310 Children’s and Adolescent Literature.

When our students are exposed to a variety of children’s literature they are able to respond to their experiences and world perspectives. It is an important aspect in our teaching because it enhances their prior knowledge. So the question I ask is what type of literature experiences is being offered in the classrooms? Children are like sponges they are able to grasp all the knowledge that they are provided with in their classrooms. In providing students to literature we need to be sensitive when it comes to choosing a piece of literature. We should always be aware of our student’s needs and interests, from day one. As we begin to observe our students in our classrooms, each child shows their own unique characteristics as they begin to recognize what type of literature is most appropriate for our students. A great way in choosing literature is to evaluating the authenticity of the book. This is not a simple yes or no decision it takes careful consideration establishing the authenticity of a book. This is a reason why many teachers might tend to stick to the curriculum based readings. But that is depriving our students from all the exposure of literature that we have access to. I limited my students as well at a time but throughout my graduate courses this fall semester I was aware of the significance this provides for our students. So I propose for our future or current teachers to begin thinking outside the box and provide our students with rich meaningful text. They deserve to know it, and what better person to educate them than their teachers. Recognize the influence of literature in your thoughts and feelings, search for various genres, cultural aspects, and current trends. In discovering the role that literature plays, helps children to learn to read.


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