Latino Children’s Literature

By Readingintheborderlands

According to an article in the New York Times, Latino kids don’t often see themselves in books. Yeah, we knew that. It’s nice to see it get some national attention, though!

It’s definitely more difficult to find quality books with Latino characters and settings since so few are published. However, you can find a good collection if you dig a bit. Check out these resources:

Arte Publico Press focuses on publishing books by and about Latinos.

Cinco Puntos Press publishes multicultural books, primarily ones by and about Latinos.

The Américas award is given to books that “authentically and engagingly portray Latin America, the Caribbean, or Latinos in the United States.”

The Pura Belpré Award is given to a Latin@ children’s writer and children’s illustrator who write about the Latino cultural experience.

The Tomás Rivera Mexican American Children’s Book Award honors authors and illustrators who depict the Mexican American experience.

The Latino Children’s Book Resource is a website that provides booklists and other resources.


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