A Book-rich Classroom Environment

This semester, students in READ 3325.20B were asked to contribute a post to this blog.

By Alejandra Ramirez & Anna Bejarano

booksReading is a very important hobby that we should all practice starting at a young age. Often at a young age, children are interested in reading material that it’s to their interest and teachers as well as parents should provide a book-rich classroom environment. A book-rich classroom environment is very important because children should love reading at a young age to have the habit of reading, as they get older. Reading opens many doors in life as well as expands your knowledge. Every child should have the opportunity to access books of their choice at school, in their hometown, and at home.

A book-rich classroom environment should include many books with different topics. They can be categorized by fiction and non-fiction books; English and Spanish books as well. It is important for the teacher, parent, or librarian in charge to provide a variety of topics in different languages since we all share different likes and interests. Providing a comfortable and safe environment in a classroom is very important as well because children should feel comfortable in an area designed for reading. A couch, beanbags, and a quiet sign are important to include in the area designed for students to read.

Teachers and parents should always allow students to read books during the day.  Rewarding a child with books or reading time is very important because children should look forward to reading time. If we as teachers or parents don’t encourage the importance of providing a book-rich classroom environment, children will not love to read. Motivation is a very important key here. Children must always feel motivated to read and succeed in life. At a young age, they might not know how important it is to grab a book and read; Teachers should be a role model to their students and show a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards reading.

A book-rich classroom environment is the start of building a good future. Books provide many knowledge, skills, and vocabulary for students to expand. Reading will help a child open many doors in life and become a knowledgeable student. By providing a book-rich classroom environment with a variety of books in different languages and with different interests is the start of loving to read. Teachers and parents should set the example of role models and never forget to motivate a child to read. Lets provide a book-rich classroom environment and give children the best gift in life, reading.

“The greatest gift is a passion for reading.” – Elizabeth Hardwick


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