This semester, students in READ 3325.20B were asked to contribute a post to this blog.

By Dailen Garcia and Cindy Quiñones

Motivation plays a huge role in anything a student does, especially when it comes to reading. It determines if the reader will actually understand and enjoy the text. It will also determine if the student will see reading as a good thing for the rest of their lives. If the student is not motivated, the will see reading as something negative. If students have history of failure at reading, and there is no motivation from teachers, parents, or peers then an interest towards reading will never arise. The lack of motivation will lead the student to believe he/she is not a good reader and they will begin to see reading as boring.

readingcornerIn order to motivate students in reading it is important to create a comfortable environment for the students to read. Investing on some beanbags or comfortable chairs might be a good idea. Letting the students read where they are confortable and modeling reading for them is a great way to motivate them. Many times the teacher uses things such as AR points, or tickets for free pizza to “motivate” students. Instead that method just makes students believe that reading is only to get a certain something such as a ticket or points and not the real purpose of reading which is enjoying the text and learning new things.


reading libraryHaving a classroom library with books that students would be interested in would be helpful to motivate a student to pick up a book to read. It is very important when having a classroom library to include books that are of various themes that the teacher would think that the students would be interested in. In order to do that, the teacher has to evaluate each student and learn what he or she is interested in and the level in which they read. After this is done, the teacher can know which books to include in their classroom library that will interest the students.

We personally think that the students should be motivated both at school and at home. If the student is motivated at school but not at home then the student will say that there is no need for him or her to be interested in reading at school. If the teacher, the parents and peers create an environment full of positive thoughts towards reading, even if the child has trouble, more than likely he/she will become a successful reader. Not only that but they will actually enjoy and understand what they read whether it is school related or reading for fun.


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