Motivation Is the Key

This semester, students in READ 3325.20B were asked to contribute a post to this blog.

By Priscilla Lara & Yessenia Garza

Motivation is the most important aspect in the learning of literacy in any classroom. Motivation should be the first step towards achieving our goal, which is assisting children to want to learn to read or pick up a book and began their great journey with reading.  Reading without motivation will not yield the best results that we as future teachers want our future students to achieve in our classroom. In an article that we have read in our education classes, “Creating Classroom Cultures that Foster Reading Motivation,” it explains how allowing student’s sufficient time to read and encourage them to keep reading without interrupting them is a great step towards positive motivation.

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Teachers that show reading motivation towards students’ learning is the best possible way to assist them with their education and progress in the classroom. If a student feels that the teacher is motivating them and showing that they want them to succeed they will have a positive view on reading. The article describes to us that the teacher that is interested in reading and is a vital support system for the students in reading is a beneficial step towards motivating and engaging students in the learning of literacy. Once the student’s feels that the teacher wants to hear them read to him/her they will become motivated and beyond excited to be able to show that they can read and should be given the opportunity to show they want to advance in their reading skills.

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As stated in the article, motivation plays a critical role in learning. The article explains to us how the school years in elementary are the most vital years for us future teachers to be able to motivate and make a difference for our students in literacy. It is of utmost importance that teachers are truly interested and motivated themselves towards teaching literacy and expanding the minds of children towards the learning of literacy. The teacher must use a tone and facial expressions that are genuinely honest and sincere when talking to students about the importance of literacy and motivating them about reading.

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As we know children at the elementary stages are sponges; they observe, absorb and understand more than any of us older students in college sometimes do. It’s critical to use motivation and engage them with reading materials and activities. Motivation is the key factor towards getting our students to appreciate literacy. Many students have problems with literacy and view literacy as the enemy because the motivation that they needed was not given to them when it should have been. The article states that motivation is at the heart of many of the problems we face in educating students. It’s absolutely true; children who do not have motivation at home or at school will suffer the greatest with literacy. We should not let this happen, creating a classroom with a variety of books available and ample opportunities to read are steps towards achieving our goal as teachers and future teachers.

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