Literacy Instruction with Media Technologies

This semester, students in READ 3325.20B were asked to contribute a post to this blog.

By San Juanita Sánchez and Silvia Vela

With the innovation of the internet and new modern technologies, we have all changed the way we live. Educators have begun the implementation of literacy instruction with media technologies. The use of these materials in the classroom brings both positive and not so positive aspects inside the classroom. For example, it is a way that students get in a way “motivated” to want to study literacy but this is a matter that can easily get out of control. As teachers we need to keep in mind that technical issues can always arise and these situations consume valuable learning time.

Not enough knowledge about technology and pedagogy by the teacher can also be a problem in literacy instruction inside a classroom. If the teacher is afraid of these technologies and believes that these media technology literacy instruction does not go hand in hand with her traditional literacy instruction, the literacy learning expectations from a child will be affected. Many times the children becomes mesmerized with the media technology and completely let go of the focus with is literacy learning. There is more to literacy learning that just having children successfully manipulate computer programs. Of course there are helpful programs such as Microsoft, PowerPoint, certain websites, and other programs that truly assist learning (literacy instruction) but as teachers we are whom should focus on what truly assists our students learning and what doesn’t.

In my opinion, I do agree that media technology is helpful in learning and many other aspects in our lives, but also as educators it is important to know how to correctly implement technologies in our classrooms. It is a fact that these tools can motivate student to learn but we need to make sure that they don’t get lost in the idea that media technologies are a “toy” but a tool to assist them in their learning.


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