Reading; the key of success

This semester, students in READ 3325.20B were asked to contribute a post to this blog.

By Andrea del Rosario


Reading is the key of success because it helps people to gain new vocabulary, manage their reading fluency and to understand big words. Teachers should encourage children to read since kindergarten just for fun! Teachers should have in the classroom a center just for reading.

That center should have a bookshelf full of Spanish and English books, fiction, non-fiction books with colorful covers, and a comfortable sofa where they can spend the day reading their favorite book. They can even be able to choose what kind of books they would like to read. The center should also have positive posters encouraging students to keep reading because that would help to increase their capacity of knowledge.

It is very important that all school members encourage students to keep reading. Schools should have reading competitions that motivate students to keep reading and reward them with something they would enjoy doing. By doing that the students that do not enjoy reading will feel motivated and they would start reading small books until they see reading as fun. That would be a good for the parents that support reading at home.

Children must learn how to love to read since the beginning of their life from their parents. Parents should be the role models of their children because if children see their parents reading, they would feel interested and will follow their parents’ steps. Children should be allowed to read during the day at home and at school as well.

Reading is something fun, interesting and educational because it expands our vocabulary, skills, knowledge and most importantly can open many doors in life! Teachers and parents, let’s give our children one of the most precious legacies in life, reading! One day our children will be really thankful!



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