This semester in READ 6310 Children’s and Adolescent Literature, students were asked to contribute a post to this blog.

By Gladys Quintanilla

bookshelfIf you asked me three years ago about whether or not I enjoyed reading eBooks on an electronic device I would respond with a strong “NO.” Three years ago I decided to give into the hype and I purchased my first electronic reading device from Barnes and Noble, the Nook.  I really thought that my life as a reader was going to change and that I would have more options, but I was not satisfied. After about a week, my device was quickly ignored and placed on my bookshelf with no electric charge.  Around that time, I was given the opportunity to teach 6th grade reading (I was teaching science three years ago). It took me awhile to become adjusted to my new curriculum and I am still developing as an effective reading teacher.

Why am I sharing this information, you might ask?  I now prefer reading all my favorite novels, magazines, newspapers, etc., on my tablet.  Not only have I become accustomed to reading on my device, but I have been incorporating eBooks in my classroom.  I would like to share the reasons and the advantages of why I think you should love eBooks as much as I do…

1. In the Classroom

Recently, in my classroom I have been incorporating eBooks with a few of my students.  Of course, we must always consider the costs of the devices and the availability of them in our classroom. However, I have recently been looking for grants for extra help to provide electronic resources in class.   One example of how I have incorporated EBooks is with one specific student who refused to pick up a chapter book.  He is an awesome student; however because of his history of failure in reading standardized tests, he is not confident.  I decided to introduce him to a book using my tablet.  He felt very special since I took the time to do that.  He became so excited with the book that he lost the fear of reading chapter books.  Also, the librarian has a few Kindle devices that are available for checkout.  I incorporated these with my Book Club members recently and some of them are saving money to purchase one for the summer.  As educators, we need to foster the love of reading and what better way than to introduce them with technology!

2. Delivered Instantly

EBooks, as soon as you purchase them, are delivered instantly to your electronic device.  Not only do I have my eBooks on my tablet, but I also have them on my iPhone, and when possible I catch up on my reading at the doctor’s office, restaurant, or at the beach, which is my favorite.  So, if you see me on my iphone, I am not always texting!

3. Evolving

EBooks are also constantly evolving with new features. For example, I am currently reading the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth, which I highly recommend, and one of the EBooks has exclusive interviews with the author, videos, and interactive features installed with the purchase of the book.  Not only with fictional novels, but let’s say for example you like to cook, a cookbook might include videos with a chef demonstrating the recipe.

4. Environment Friendly

Obviously, if you purchase eBooks you are contributing to the environment in a positive way.  The publishing companies do not have to spend so much on paper, and book binding.  So, the next time that you visit the bookstore to enjoy a cup of coffee, make sure that you have your device charged and ready for entertainment.



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