Reading In the Borderlands is the semi-official blog of the graduate reading program at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. It is hosted by me, Dr. Janine M. Schall, the coordinator of the graduate reading program. This blog is intended to serve several purposes: 1) to share literacy-related information of interest to educators in the Rio Grande Valley, 2) to provide a place for students in the program to share the work that they are doing, and 3) to provide information about the Reading and Literacy M.Ed. and the Master Reading Teacher certificate program at UTGRV.

When I post student work on this blog it is almost always the result of an assignment the student has completed for a reading class. I have two basic rules for blog postings from students. First, they must use their real names. It can be only their first name or only their last, but it must be their actual name. Secondly, I won’t make any changes to the post they give me to publish on this blog. I keep all grammar, spelling, formatting, etc., exactly as the student turns it in.